Dear Friend, please know that we care about you and deeply desire God's best for you. He can redeem every single thing you've suffered, endured, or done. Nothing is beyond God's healing grasp.

Need Help?

Living Proof Ministries exists to encourage people to come to love Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture. While our concerns reach further than these objectives, our areas of experience and professional expertise do not. Thankfully, there are many others equipped with the wisdom and counsel to help you in this time of crisis. If today you are feeling hopeless, we urge you to make a call. If you are in a state of emergency and feel like you can’t trust yourself with your own life, we beg you to call 911. If you are not in a current emergency but suicide has seriously entered your mind, we counsel you to please contact your home church right away. Let your pastor or a member of your church leadership know that you are suffering and at risk. Allow people to help you and show you that your life matters greatly.

For many, the best option may be calling a hotline. For this reason we have included a list of numbers below. These give you the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially while still getting the help you need. The people who answer these hotline calls are trained experts who will listen to you. Many times, they will also refer you to local resources (such as a counseling service) that will be able to help you further.

No one will care if I commit suicide. Why shouldn’t I do it?

By committing suicide, you don’t only hurt yourself, you hurt everyone who loves and cares for you. They are left behind with the question of “why.” People do care about you. It is not the will of God for you to end your life. He has a plan!


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Counseling Services and Referrals - Focus on the Family

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