IG Live Prayer Tutorial Companion: Formatting Idea for Journaling

Hey, you guys! This won’t make a lot of sense without viewing the Instagram Live from this evening, Thursday, December 30th, but, if I did it correctly, it will have saved and you can watch it anytime you like.

This link takes you to a print-ready idea for formatting daily prayer-journal entries. Many individuals don’t journal because they picture it long hand and who has that kind of time day in and day out?? This shorthand concept reflects the way I enjoy doing it. Perhaps something altogether different would work better for you but if this springboards a concept more suited to you, then several profound goals are underway to accomplishment:
  • living a life in daily fellowship with Christ through prayer, and
  • keeping a record of your walk with him and his faithfulness to you.

I promise you these will prove to be most precious to you.
So happy to serve you.

Let’s pray our way through 2022!

Click a link below for your Journal pages! Best downloaded from a computer.