Asking for God's blessing for better times ahead, for years to come, for keeping the family home, and to pay off the family home. To pay off bills to good health and safety, hope, favor, holy spirit, joy, peace, happy family home in Jesus name Amen God bless Thank you.


I ask that you pray for my unborn child he is very sick I have type 1 diabetes and the Doctor says fluid is on his neck and head also called cystic hygroma please pray for his complete recovery and excellent health and complete healing of his sickness. plz pray for baby Brylen Jayden and the Mccray famliy



Son, Drew, back to college football. To excel after so much hard work. Be faster, stronger, smarter in all ways. Safety and leadership! To make some very good friends, and feel connected. He loves Jesus, but feels lonely at times. To continue to excel in classroom and to have his personality grow! God is good!



I am asking for the document form from the government to fill out to see if I will qualify for forgiven, canceled, or discharged for my school loans. Pray I am in contact with the right people that will help me succeed, so I can be debt free and move on with my life in the ministry. I would appreciate this a lot...to turn this around to a more realistic way of life.


For those who have invested in Stocks for prosperity. In order for our country to prosper we need to pray for trading to go up. Please pray for my investments as I hope to gain from the money I invested. Asking God's favor in this not to lose, but to gain in abundance. Thank You



Please pray for restoration and reconciliation of my relationship with Elliot in the U.K.

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