God bless you and thank you for your time and your commitment to gather together at this online house of prayer, standing together with others in faith, believing God. Praying His perfect will be done, His beautiful love shared for all, with great glory to His Holy Name.

Mathew 18:20 (NET)
"For where two or three are assembled in my name, I am there among them."


  • Beth:
    • Beth continues to press through an intense season of writing. This can take a toll on her physical body, so please pray the Lord will strengthen her in every way (mind, body, and spirit) to do the work He has called her to do.
    • Pray also the Lord will multiply her time as she writes and simultaneously prepares each new message for upcoming Living Proof Live events.
  • Living Proof Ministries:
    • Pray for LPM to be faithful in following the Lord's leading, especially in the new soil He is bringing us.
    • Pray the Lord grants us wisdom and grace as we engage the culture around us in a manner that promotes the gospel and glorifies God.
  • Living Proof Live Events:
    • We know our God is the Alpha and the Omega, the Finisher. We pray with expectancy for the Lord to complete the work He starts at the Orlando LPL (April 28-29).
    • It's not too early to start praying for LPL Baton Rouge (June 23-24)! Pray the Lord, even now, is preparing the hearts of each attendee to receive all that He has for them. 
  • Summer Bible Study:
    • This summer LifeWay is hosting an online summer Bible study and will be working through Beth's study Entrusted. Pray for new sisters in the Word!
    • Pray for individuals to be encouraged in this opportunity to join in, to grow in God's Word, to have a blast, and to walk out their God-given trust.
  • 05-18-2017

    Lord Jesus, I can only imagine how thrilled and delighted these women are this week to get a beautiful rich dose of your Word through Beth's teaching. Right now in England you know and I want her to know we are studying Beth-Priscilla-Kay's Anointed Transformed and Redeemed and it is bearing fruit and the Holy Spirit is moving here in Salisbury, England. Thank you God for the deep, steadfast LOVE you have for Mama Beth. You have called her to be a mighty faithful teacher of the gospel and for 20 years I have been a student of her teaching. These women no doubt will be profoundly changed by the Word she delivers this week in the Quest. Lord protect her family in every capacity and may you be EVERY SINGLE THING they need this week and beyond. Jesus block out every attempt of the evil one to try and spoil the beautiful FRUIT that is budding right now in hearts and lives around the world. I love you Jesus and I love so much that you raised Beth up to teach and share the Gospel. May your Word go out all across the city there and the city here bearing fruit wherever its declared! Amen and as my 10 year old say: "And let it be!"

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