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God bless you and thank you for your time and your commitment to gather together at this online house of prayer, standing together with others in faith, believing God. Praying His perfect will be done, His beautiful love shared for all, with great glory to His Holy Name.

Mathew 18:20 (NET)
"For where two or three are assembled in my name, I am there among them."


  • Beth 
    • Living Proof Live events are in full swing! Please pray for Beth as she prepares for the next event, LPL Boone, NC! Pray the Lord will reveal to her a specific message for the ladies of North Carolina. Pray for clarity, discernment, and joy in all her preparations and research for the event.
    • Please continue in your prayers for Beth as works on her current writing project. Pray specifically against pain that accompanies the long periods of writing! Pray for divine inspiration, creativity, and direction as she makes headway on the project.
  • Living Proof Ministries 
    • Invited: Our third Invited event of the year is Tuesday, March 13. In case this is your first time hearing of the event, Invited is a monthly ministry night here in Houston for women to come worship and pray. Pray God will bring women who need a space to worship and pray freely. Pray he will use this time to break down strongholds in individuals’ lives and that raise up mighty women for His kingdom!
    • Update on Tuesday Prayer: This past month we’ve had a number of women stop by the ministry for prayer on Tuesdays during our LPM prayer hour. It has been an immense blessing to be able to serve the women our community in simple yet very powerful. Please pray that women who are considering coming for prayer will have no fear or embarrassment to stop by, and that God will use this time to bring healing and hope to those who need it. If you are in the Houston area, please consider stopping by and allow us to pray for YOU (Tuesdays 12-1pm)!
  • Living Proof Live: Boone, NC (March 9-10)
    • We are THRILLED to be jumping into this year's Living Proof Live schedule! And we're especially thankful this year because it's the 20th anniversary of Living Proof Live events! Over on LifeWay Women’s blog, Beth shared, “I have never loved ministering to women more, whether young or old or somewhere in between, and I’ve never been more convinced that God can do absolutely anything with absolutely anyone. These last twenty years have been vastly harder than I anticipated and vastly better. I’ve cried more than I’d hoped to, but I’ve also laughed. It’s been brutal, and it’s been beautiful. But I’ve not hung in there for either of those reasons. I’ve hung in there because Jesus was in there. I want to be where He is. He is the only one I know worth everything I have.” 
    • As we anticipate this significant year, pleaes pray with us that God gets more glory than ever before, and that He uses LPL to make His name known and to bring freedom throughout the country. Pray many will come to know Him and love Him more.
    • Please pray specifically for LPL Seattle: for no issues in all logistical aspects, safe travel for Beth and the team, and blessings for the city team who have spent significant time in prayer and preparation for the event.
    • Pray also for the attendees. The event is already SOLD OUT! It fills us with joy to know all the seats in the venue will be filled with our dear PNW sisters. Please pray they will come with hearts and minds eager to learn from the Word, and ready to receive whatever the Lord has for them there.
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