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Q1: “I recently attended a Living Proof Live Event. Will the message I heard be available in audio or video?”

Answer: All conference teaching are initially technically reviewed.   Please check our “new products” section of the online store 30 days+ after a conference for its availability.


Q2: “How do I start a Bible study by Beth Moore?  Which resources do I need? Do I need both the hardback book and the member book?”

Answers: Beth teaches by Video ($180) or by Audio ($40), one lesson per week.  Each student needs a member book ($16) and has 5 days of homework each week for ten weeks.
The video Leader Kit contains all ten or eleven one hour sessions on video, one member book and one leader’s guide.
The hardback book is an alternative to the Bible study resources.  You do not need both.
To order Bible study materials, please call us toll free at 1.888.700.1999 or 281.257.3344 (M-F 8:30-4:30)


Q3: “Can I buy a replacement cd or DVD for one that was lost or damaged?”

Answer: Yes, by calling Lifeway at 1.800.458.2772 and ask for the adjustments department.


Q4: “How do I sign up for an online study? Which of Beth’s studies are available online?”

Answer: Believing God and Living Beyond Yourself are the only two studies currently offered in streaming video. The cost is $24.95 per student and allows unlimited access to the streaming videos and the homework.
For more information, please visit and
All other Lifeway published studies are available in digital video download format at


Q5: “What is an enhanced “cd with study notes for your computer?”

Answer:  The “enhanced cd” has an embedded listening guide (pdf) that you can access by placing the cd in your cd rom.  You may play the cd either in your computer or in a cd player.


Q6: Helpful Links for LifeWay's website

Find Viewer Guides and other resources listed with each study's Leader Kit and/or Member Book.


Q7: “What is the difference between the individual cds and the cd studies in the online store?”

Answer:  The Individual cd is one cd.  The cd studies are multiple cds, mostly from events, and packaged in a case.


Q8: “How can I find a listing of publications in other languages?”

Answer:  Please call Lifeway 1.800.458.2772 to inquire.


Q9: “How can I get a promotional flyer to advertise our upcoming Bible study?”

Answer:  To customize and download a flyer, please visit


Q10: "Where do I find the digital downloads of Beth's bible studies?"

Answer:  Please visit our publisher's website at click on Video Downloads 


Q11: "Which studies are available in digital downloads?"

Answer:  All of the Lifeway published studies are available in digital download.


Q12: “How can I place an order by mail?”

Answer:  You are welcome to order by mail with either a check or money order. Please include the correct shipping charge in your total. You can use the table below to determine the shipping charge based on the total dollar amount calculated for your order.

Shipping Rates for USA
















$300 & over


Shipping Rates for Canada or Outside the US
















$300 & over


*For shipping other than UPS ground, please call us toll free at 1.888.700.1999 or 281.257.3344 .

Be sure to include the quantity and title of the item you'd like, as well as your street address for UPS delivery.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Our address is:





Living Proof Ministries



PO Box 840849



Houston, TX 77084




Q13 Question: “Can I receive a copy of a particular poem from one of Beth’s studies?”
Answer: Many of these writings and poems are published in the books, Things Pondered andFurther Still.
Once published, thanks for understanding that we are unable to email a copy due to copyright laws.
Things Pondered contains the following: (in alphabetical order)

A Matter of the Heart

Fresh Prints


A Momentary Rapture

From Where I am


A Mother's Thought at Christmas

Gently, Lord

Steal Away

Award's Day


Superwoman's Freedom Plea



The Adoption



The Company I Keep



The Day He Called My Name



The Journal

Could It Be?

I Like Children

The Life I Planned

Dear Bride to Be


The Mountain



The Servant's Plea

Echoes From the Pit


The Treasury


My Every One

Things That Remain



Tricycle Dreams






Wedding Bells

Further Still contains the following: (in alphabetical order)

A Healing Captive


Shining like the Son

A House that Grace Built

Further Still

Side by Side

A Tattletale


Sitting Long


Holding Us

The Apple of your Eye

An Unfamiliar Place

I May Never Walk on Water

The Poet

Audience of One


The River of Mercy

Birth of the King

John, The Beloved

The Sinner's Prayer

Blessed Anonymity

Lesson with a Hairbrush

The Streets of Jerusalem

Blessed Condescension

Little One

Think Bigger, Boys

Chosen in Tarsus

Lord, Make Me a Student

Twilight Wishes

Come, Captive, Free!



Commission to Faith

My Name is Pride

Watercolor Mister

Consume Me, O Lord

My Prodigal

Wedding Portrait

Drink Offering

Nanny's Box

What Kind of God Are You?


Need Me

Who Is This?

Footsteps to Follow

River of Delights

Your People




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