1) Can I speak to Beth?
Please understand that Beth is on a strict writing schedule to be able to complete the Bible studies and prepare for events. As a writer, she requires a great amount of uninterrupted time to do what the Lord has given her to do.



Current releases that are available now:



  • The Law of Love - Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy DVD set. Includes six 90 min sessions on DVD and one listening guide.
  • Breath-The Life of God in Us – LPM published study
  • Children of the Day – published by Lifeway
  • Edit: The Law of Love –Lessons from the pages of Deuteronomy – LPM published study
  • David-Seeking a Heart Like His- published by Lifeway
  • The Inheritance –LPM published study
  • “James: Mercy Triumphs” published by Lifeway.
  • “Here and Now~There and Then” is a LPM published study of the book of Revelation.


2) What is the best way for me to get in touch with Beth?
The best way to get in touch with Beth is to write her a letter. With the help of her correspondence assistant, Beth's return correspondence will go through regular mail.

Write to Beth at: 12131 Malcomson, Houston, TX  77070


3) How do I put in a request for Beth to speak at an event in my city?
We are not taking booking requests at this time.


4) Will Beth be speaking in my city this year?
Go to Schedule page.

5) I want to purchase a ticket to __________ event.
For Living Proof Live events, register online or call LifeWay at 1-800-254-2022. For other events, please see the schedule page for contact information.

6) I cannot attend ________ event and I would like my money back for my ticket.
For Living Proof Live events, contact LifeWay at 1-800-254-2022 or email. For other events, please see the Schedule page for contact information.


7) How can I find out more about Travis Cottrell or order his CD's?
You can order CDs and learn more about the Living Proof Live worship leader by visiting www.TravisCottrell.com.


8) I lost or damaged a CD or DVD from ________ Bible Study. Can I replace it?
Call 1.800.458.2772 and ask for the adjustments department. A Lifeway customer service representative will assist you. If your cassette or video is defective, LifeWay will replace at no cost. If it is lost or damaged, the cost of a single video is $24.95 + $7.00 for shipping and handling. The cost of a single audio cassette is $9.95 + $4.00 for shipping and handling.


9) What are the books Beth uses to study? What kind of Bible does Beth have?
Please see the Recommendations page.


10) Do you have a mentoring or internship program?
During this season of Living Proof, we do not have any type of mentoring or internship program. Beth feels that God has called her to mentor corporately through her Bible Studies.



11) Do you have a mission statement for Living Proof Ministries?
Please see About Living Proof and Mission Statement pages.


12) How can I get promotional materials for the Bible studies?

These are available through LifeWay.


12) How can I get materials in Spanish or other languages?
To access materials internationally, check with LifeWay International for distributors and languages. For workbooks in Spanish, call 1-800-257-7744. For tradebooks in Spanish, call Broadman & Holman at 1-800-251-3225.